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Holistic Execises
Yoga - 80 Euro - 1 Hour and a half

At the practical level, Yoga seeks to achieve harmony and balance b... Read more.

Yoga for Pregnancy - 80 Euro - 1 Hour and a half

Many physical, anatomical and emotional changes occur during pregnancy. Yoga helps you to be more aware of these and to enjoy them more f... Read more.

TaiChi - 80 Euro - 1 Hour and a half

Tai Chi is an internal martial art known for its ability to promote vitality, health, energy flow, and aid the internal alchemy of body, mind and s... Read more.

Chikung (Qigong) - 80 Euro - 1 Hour and a half

Chi Kung is a way to work with vital energy (Chi) and whe... Read more.

Meditation - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

Meditation is the natural state of human consciousness where we und... Read more.

Estiramientos de cadenas musculares - 80 Euro - 1 Hour and a half

"Una práctica corporal precisa y sencilla basada en el estiramiento... Read more.

* Total price of the class to be divided by the number of participants (1 to 10).
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Holistic Execises
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