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Eastern Massages
Shiatsu - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

Shi (finger) atsu (pressure) is a Japanese technique that has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The practitioner uses stretching, balancing and pressure techniques, har... Read more.

Thai Massage - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

Thai Massage was the highest ritual of the Thai kings of antiquity. Consisting of exquisite pressure techniques using fingers, palms, elbow and foot along with manipulations, it... Read more.

Tui Na Massage - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

An Eastern massage therapy used in China for 2000 years, and one of the healing arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through manipulation, acupressure and massage, Tui Na helps... Read more.

Taoist Massage - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

Taoist Massage, or Tantric Massage is an energetic and sensual whole body massage. Gives pleasure, strength, and relaxation to the receiv... Read more.

Reiki - 80 Euro - 1 Hour

This Japanese term comes from Rei (Universal) and Ki (Energy). Reiki is a natural therapy where healing energy is channelled into the bod... Read more.

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